Square Enix Limited

Senior DevOps Specialist • Jun 2020 — Current

As a result of Eidos' sale to Embracer Group in 2022, new challenges arose, necessitating the implementation of innovative tools to facilitate a seamless transition in service management and uphold a smooth user experience.

  • Completely rebuild services out of Eidos-hosted hardware into VMware cluster(s) and entirely into Terraform and Ansible.
  • Migrate previously manually executed changes into either Terraform, Ansible, and/or Kubernetes.
  • Migrate approximately 1,000 websites into new Kubernetes clusters, relocating both databases and local storage as needed.
  • Move the Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager setup from 'best effort' checks into Terraform, allowing for automated updates to certificates, etc.
  • Created internal Terraform Modules to automate a number of tasks previously done manually.

Square Enix Limited

DevOps Engineer • Jan 2019 — Jun 2020

Worked as part of a small team that handles the backend infrastructure for western titles.
With my team, some of the major changes that I've worked on are:

  • Migrated backend services from being deployed via Debian packages to a Kubernetes based deployment
  • Worked with both MongoDB and Google Cloud to plan for release of upcoming titles
  • Implemented Terraform using an s3 backend to setup both VMWare and GCP infrastructure
  • Setup automation of deployments using Flux to quickly deploy the latest updates to Kubernetes

Antstream Ltd

DevOps Engineer • Aug, 2017 — Dec 2018

Joined the small team at Antstream with a view to improving their existing setup and processes.
During my time, some of the major changes I've managed to bring in are:

  • Improved the monitoring and alerting process to detect any issues.
  • Automated the building of iOS, Android, and Windows UWP apps and ensured they are available within their respective stores.
  • Ensured that best practices are followed and implemented Two-Factor Authentication where possible.
  • Removed dormant services and improved the scalability of critical services.

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

DevOps • Mar, 2014 — Jul, 2017

  • Deployed an in-house-built cloud scaling system.
  • Automated the deployment of Windows Game servers via both Packer and Puppet.
  • Automated the deployment of Ubuntu using ZFS via both Packer and Puppet.
  • Set up quality control code checks via Jenkins, Virtualbox, and Docker.
  • Created a customized solution to update over 1000 physical machines without a Puppet master.
  • Project manager on a migration between Interxion and Telehouse, interacting with suppliers, both data centres, and customers to ensure the migration was completed smoothly and on time.
  • Assisted in migrating several projects from SVN to Git to introduce peer reviews and improve code quality.

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

Systems Administrator • Aug, 2009 — Mar, 2014

  • Expanded existing infrastructure from just two countries to over 20 locations globally.
  • Planned and implemented a migration from a 20-rack suite to a 5-rack high-capacity colocation setup.
  • Managed the physical installation of multiple hardware upgrades in three countries within a seven-day period.
  • Worked with several publishers to provide support during the development process and after launch, including adding support for the game to Clanforge, the control panel used at the time by Multiplay.
  • Provided on-site support for publishers promoting games to both gaming journalists and at expos (e.g., EGX, Rezzed, Insomnia).
  • Part of the networking team for Multiplay's Insomnia Events, which had over 2000 customer-facing ports (BYOD).

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

First/Second line support • May, 2008 — Aug, 2009

  • First-line support technician responsible for B2C, B2B, and ADSL customers.
  • Worked with customers via phone, live chat, and tickets/emails to set up their game servers according to their preferences.
  • Assisted ADSL customers with both new setups and issue resolution, organising visits from BT SPF Engineers when applicable.



Kubernetes, Ubuntu, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Vagrant, Graylog, Jira, Confluence, Grafana, Windows, Jenkins

Programming Languages

Shell scripting, YAML, HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language)


MongoDB, MySQL, InfluxDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Postgres

Cloud Platforms

Google Compute Engine, VMware, AWS, and Azure

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